Randomness: The subconscious impacts of COVID-19

Categories:  diary

I wonder about the subconscious impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. There are a few things that make me cringe.

Almost 80% of the people around my locality wear masks when outside. They pull the mask down when they feel like it. And again, when they want to talk to someone. The mask is there for a reason. To protect yourself – and to protect others. Use it.

During my walks in the evening, I notice people who walk right in the center of the walkway. Some of them will wear masks. Why do you want to throw social distancing in the gutter? Walk on the side: people can walk in both directions. Lanes are good – not just for cars.

This has also affected me while watching TV. If there is a scene of a gathering at home or a party, a shot of a beach – it makes me cringe. It takes me a moment to realize, recall the virus and remind myself that I’m watching TV.

We hear phrases like “the new normal”, “live with the virus”. We’ve started versioning the lockdown – currently on 4.0. Will it reached the number 12 that I wrote about in a fictional piece many weeks ago?

Written on May 15, 2020